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Frame-type impurity removal machine(60~600mm)

Working principle: Frame-type impurity removal machine is usually installed in front of the head roller of belt conveyor or under the blanking chute. After the incoming material passes through the elastic material diversion device, the coal flow is regulated into a flat shape; coal flows fall from the head of the belt conveyor, passing through the main rotor of the impurity discharging machine driven by the speed reduction motor, and entering the next level of equipment through the blanking pipe following screening; large pieces of waste rock, wooden sticks, straw mats, rags, hemp ropes, woven bags, support nets and other sundries in the coal flow are taken out by the tooth plate (among which, the mixed broken coal and finished coal enter the next level of equipment through the pores of the framework-type rotor), and when they rotate to the other side, they pass through the automatic impurity cleaning device and the impurity pipe, and finally fall into the ground sundries pool.

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Structural composition

The impurity removal machine is driven by a motor and a speed reduction motor to rotate the tooth shaft where an adjustable tooth plate is installed. It mainly consists of elastic material regularization mechanism, adjustable screen tooth separation device, full floating frame work-type roller, torque arm floating connection speed reduction motor, elastic support, automatic impurity cleaning device, tooth plate and roller self-cleaning device, box body, blanking chute, rack, electrical control system, etc.

Typical application

◎ Thermal power plants without dry coal sheds carefully remove impurities, and remove smaller impurities from wet raw coal in rainy season;

◎ When the impurity removal machine in thermal power plant is added or reconstructed, the site building, space location and construction conditions are not conducive to impurity removal;

◎ It is suitable for coal conveying in coal preparation plant that needs to remove large blocks and impurities before materials enter the washing system;

◎ Impurities of coal washed with water in coking plant are carefully discharged. Due to human factors such as transportation and transshipment (wood, straw, woven bags, etc. are mixed into), the system is blocked, and coal blending and weighing are inaccurate, which seriously interferes with coal humidity control and coke particle size ratio;

◎ Impurities of coal washed with water in coking plant are carefully discharged. Due to human factors such as transportation and transshipment (wood, straw, woven bags, domestic garbage, etc. are mixed into), those impurities result in congestion of coal bunkers and separators;

◎ When the ore raw material preparation workshop carefully discharges impurities, mineral powder is easy to bond when humidity is high, and it is easy to stick under the influence of magnetism;

◎ It is suitable for vacuum mining and sorting of ore in water. The product can be installed on large mining ships to remove impurities such as aquatic plants, shells and pebbles.

Actual efficacy

◎ It is suitable for sticky and wet materials and application that requires careful impurity removal and high standards;

◎ Occupying a small space, it can run smoothly and remove impurities under harsh site conditions;

◎ The impurity removal efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the useful materials mingled in impurities are less than or equal to 0.5%.

Technical characteristics

◎ It is suitable for large wooden blocks, large stones, rags, straw, fiber fabrics, hemp ropes, etc., and has good self-cleaning ability for sticky and wet materials containing high moisture;

◎ With the tooth plate and roller self-cleaning device, even when treating sticky and wet materials, no sticking, blockage, stagnation and other phenomena will occur;

◎ The framework-type rotor has multi-filtration and recovery devices. While removing impurities, the useful materials can be fully recycled without any waste of materials.

◎ The equipment enables variable-frequency speed adjustment within a certain range, so as to adapt to differences in flow rate and material properties;

◎ Small land occupation and flexible layout: It can be used in thermal power plants, coking plants, coal preparation plants, coal chemical plants, ironmaking plants, beneficiation workshops, mining ships, etc.;

◎ The equipment has two-stage vibration isolation, low noise, long service life, low installation requirements and low requirements for building construction intensity grade;

◎ It can effectively reduce dust pollution and greatly abate PM2.5 emissions;

◎ It can start with load, equipped with variable-frequency speed control and overload protection;

◎ It can be controlled locally or remotely;

◎ The equipment has low total power and power consumption.

Common specification


Frame-type impurity removal machine model

Conveyor belt width(mm)

Rated output(t/h)

Maximum output(t/h)






























Frame-type impurity removal machine(60~600mm)

Frame-type impurity removal machine(60~600mm)

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