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Floating hyperbolic clog cleaner

Scope of application: steel rotary bin

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Basic principle

Bin section hyperbolic shape, section shrinkage changes in line with the flow law of bulk material, not easy to hang material; The silo is made of stainless steel material, low friction coefficient, not easy to stick material; The bottom outlet of the silo uses stainless steel bellows and floating connections; An air hammer or an electric impact hammer is arranged at an appropriate position in the lower part of the silo to form a power impact source. Because the upper end of the silo is fixed and the lower end is floating (like a cantilever beam), the impact force applied to the silo has an amplification effect and decreases from bottom to top according to the law, which is consistent with the actual demand of material flow. Therefore, it has a better blocking and blocking effect.

Characteristic performance

◎ There is no obstacle in the warehouse, the moving parts are external, the transmission structure is simple, the work is stable, the working environment is not high, the failure rate is low, the maintenance is very convenient.

The door plate and bracket of the bidirectional pneumatic insert plate door are made of stainless steel, which has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and effectively solves the phenomenon that the gate plate is stuck and cannot be opened due to the bonding material due to rust. The transmission mechanism adopts sliding screw drive.

◎ The bottom outlet of the silo uses stainless steel bellows, which not only effectively avoids the leakage of powder and dust, but also ensures the floating connection.

Scope of application

Steel rotary bin


Floating hyperbolic clog cleaner

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