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Frame-type block remover(80~800mm)

Working principle: Frame-type block remover is usually installed in front of the head roller of belt conveyor or below the blanking chute. After the incoming material passes through the elastic material diversion device, the coal flow is regulated into a flat shape; coal falls from the head of the belt conveyor, passing through the main rotor of the bulk removal machine driven by the speed reduction motor, and the broken coal passes through the blanking pipe and then enters the next level of equipment; large materials and impurities exceeding the standard in the coal flow are taken out by the tooth plate, and when they rotate to the other side, they fall to the multi-filtration and recycling mechanism under the action of gravity through the automatic impurities cleaning device. The mixed broken coal re-flows to the coal pipe through the return pipe, while large materials and impurities exceeding the standard pass through the impurities pipe and finally fall into the ground sundries pool.

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Structural composition

This machine is mainly composed of shutter-type dust-proof curtain, elastic material regularization mechanism, wedge-shaped parabolic tooth plate, torque arm floating connection deceleration motor, full floating head roller, elastic supporting housing, automatic tracking and moving mechanism, multi-filtration and recovery mechanism, left and right upper box body, lower box body, support column and electric control system.

Application field

◎ Separation of solid bulk materials or solid-liquid interphase materials;

◎ It is suitable for separating large and small blocks between materials with different geometric sizes and removing impurities in the coal, coking, metallurgy, ore, building materials, chemical raw materials and other separation and pulverizing industries, ;

◎ It is suitable for pulverized coal equipment in thermal power plants to remove large blocks and large impurities exceeding the standard. It can also separate pulverized coal from lump coal, make pulverized coal pass, and make and lump coal enter the crusher after being separated. It is an ideal substitute for traditional screening equipment (idler screen, roller screen, hook tooth machine, big wood remover, big block removal machine, etc.).

Typical application

◎ Large blocks are removed before crushing coal for thermal power generation, and impurities are discharged before coal milling after crushing;

◎ Separation of large and small blocks and final coal in coal mine, and impurity removal;

◎ Separation of fine ore from lump ore in coal preparation plant and impurity removal;

◎ Material screening and impurity removal in the preparation of metallurgical, building materials and chemical raw materials;

◎ Separation and impurity removal in the process of port bulk material transportation.

Actual efficacy

◎ It is especially suitable for severe working conditions such as large flow rate, strong viscosity and complex components, without changing the original material properties;

◎ In the process of material conveying, it can effectively separate large blocks and impurities with arbitrary geometric shapes such as strips, blocks and fibers;

◎ The efficiency of removing large blocks or impurities is over 95%, and useful materials that do not exceed the standard are not involved;

◎ It can be used in series in multiple stages to further improve the separation and impurity removal efficiency.

Technical characteristics

◎ Flutter comb self-cleaning, unadjustable vibration frequency within a certain range;

◎ Spiral wedge-shaped parabolic tooth plate structure effectively increases the contact path and time between materials and tooth plate, without causing blockage;

◎ Optimal layout of special tooth plate can effectively separate large blocks and impurities with arbitrary geometric shapes such as strips, blocks and fibers;

◎ Tracking the actual working conditions such as speed, output and blanking point of conveyor belt, and automatically adjusting its position, speed, inclination and other parameters;

◎ The multi-filtration and recovery mechanism ensures that large materials and impurities exceeding the standard do not carry useful materials;

◎ The adjustable elastic material regularization mechanism can not only ensure the passage of large materials, but also make the materials contact with the tooth plate evenly;

◎ It can start with load, equipped with variable-frequency speed control and overload protection;

◎ It can be controlled locally or remotely;

◎ The equipment has low total power and power consumption.

Common specification

Model of frame type blocker

Belt Width(mm)

Rated Output(t/h

Maximum Output(t/h






























Frame-type block remover



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