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Impeller coal feeder

Application overview: Impeller coal feeder is a thermal power plant gap type coal ditch in the indispensable main equipment, it can walk along the longitudinal track of coal ditch or stop somewhere, the coal quantitative, uniform, continuous transfer to the coal belt, also known as impeller feeder (equivalent to horizontal placed bucket turbine). Impeller coal feeder through walking along the track and the rotation of the coal impeller, the raw coal on both sides of the coal ditch groove continuously and evenly transferred to the coal ditch coal conveyor belt, can be in the walk to give coal, can also be fixed point to give coal. Impeller coal feeder according to the impeller rotation mode is divided into two kinds of transmission (coal transmission mechanism in the coal impeller above) and transmission (coal transmission mechanism in the coal impeller below), according to the structure of the form is divided into two kinds of door, bridge type.

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Impeller coal feeder is mainly composed of driving device, impeller transmission device, driving device, electrical control and frame, and adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.

Performance characteristics

◎ According to different requirements of users, the design can be divided into portal type, bridge type, single side and double side, up and down material, to meet different requirements of users.

◎ The dispensing mechanism can dispense materials when walking along the track, without empty stroke, and can also be set when dispensing materials.

◎ The feeding mechanism can adjust the feeding amount according to the need. The energy consumption is small and the operation is safe.

◎ Independent transmission device is set for feeding and walking. The four driving wheels have good synchronization, which is easy to install and maintain.

◎ It can be equipped with spray dust removal device according to user's needs to improve the working environment.

◎ It is equipped with anti-winding device, which can prevent soft sundries such as hemp rope and woven bag from winding on the leaf wheel shaft.

◎ The coal shifting mechanism moving impeller coal feeder walks in the inclined long coal ditch gap, the space is limited, the overhaul and maintenance is inconvenient (the impeller claw belongs to the wearing parts, the daily overhaul and maintenance of the reducer, etc.); Impeller mechanism electric moving out structure, convenient repair and maintenance.


Impeller coal feeder

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