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Clean grate crusher

Scope of application: Used in thermal power plants, coking plants, petroleum refining plants, coal wharves and so on under the tiller or coal unloading site, and grate on the big lump coal (containing frozen coal), petroleum coke, coal gangue and other materials for crushing. It also has the function of breaking arch and auxiliary sifting.

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Typical application

According to the physical parameters of the crushed material, the range of particle size, the way of incoming material, etc., can be used

(1) Under the dumper, the main task is to clean the arch, supplemented by crushing lumps of coal, gangue and frozen coal;

(2) The moving crusher is mainly used for crushing large lump coal, gangue and frozen coal, supplemented by grain-cleaning and arch breaking;

(3) Single roll braking reverse structure of automobile grate crusher, which can bidirectional crushing large lump coal, gangue and frozen coal operations.

(4) The petrochemical cleaning crusher and grab crane are used together to clean the large petroleum coke accumulated on the grate.

Transmission mode

According to the requirements of working conditions, both mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission can be adopted.


Clean grate crusher


Clean grate crusher

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