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Controlled air pressure type clog-removing machine

Scope of application: rotary warehouse, square warehouse, steel, cement matrix warehouse, can be used.

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Basic principle

◎ High pressure air is sprayed into the silo by several nozzles close to the silo wall according to the spiral line, forming a whirlwind airflow in the silo, which can temporarily isolate the material from the silo wall, reduce the friction resistance of the material in this section, and eliminate the phenomenon of sticking to the wall. At the same time, in the process of air rotation, a low pressure area is formed in the middle of the air flow in the bin, and the material collapses under its own gravity, destroying the roof material in the bin.

◎ Reduce the friction between materials and warehouse wall, and reduce the friction coefficient between materials and warehouse wall.

◎ Reduce the cohesiveness of materials, blow and crush into clusters of materials, causing material disturbance in the warehouse, force imbalance, natural collapse.

Technical characteristics

◎ The nozzle position is flexible and changeable, the nozzle type is changeable, and the blocking energy is evenly distributed, which can eliminate the arched shed material while removing the sticky wall.

◎ PLC control, can realize the ventilation pressure, injection sequence, ventilation flow, interval time, ventilation cycle change and other random adjustment, to meet different working conditions; Can realize manual/automatic, local/centralized control, and can be quickly converted;

◎ Preventive plugging removal can be carried out by setting. Before the flow of materials weakens or deteriorates, the plugging removal work can be started at a fixed time to avoid the occurrence of material plugging;

◎ The intensity of air injection remains basically unchanged in the process of air injection. In one time plugging removal, multiple discharge impulse peaks can be realized by PLC, which can make the air flow pulsate and oscillation, eliminating the formation of rat holes;

◎ Flow aid air source (≥0.4MPa) and control air source are separated by the lowest pressure holding valve, in the process of flow aid can keep the pressure of the gas network stable;

◎ No moving parts, no obstacles in the warehouse;

◎ Strong reliability, high efficiency, only a few seconds to complete the cleaning;

◎ Can replace vibration hammer vibration break arch, air cannon blowing break arch.

◎ Installation can not be cleared, suitable for the technical transformation of the old and new silo;

Basic parameter

◎ Power supply :AC220V/AC380V,50HZ;

◎ Air source pressure 0.4 ~ 1.0Mpa, exhaust volume: 1 ~ 6m3/min

◎ Air storage tank: volume 3-15m3, pressure 0.8 ~ 1.0Mpa

Scope of application

Revolving bin, square bin, steel, cement matrix bin, can be used.


Scope of application: rotary warehouse, square warehouse, steel, cement matrix warehouse, can be used.

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