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Screw anti-stuck feeder (no vibration, self-locking, stepless adjustment)

Screw anti-jamming feeder is mainly used for reliable continuous supply of various bulk materials. Drive motor frequency conversion speed regulation, to meet the load can be adjusted at any time, to ensure the accurate feeding flow; When working, uniform feeding, no jam, stable and reliable, fully meet the actual needs of various sites. When shut down can effectively self-lock, no slip, no jam. The equipment has many advantages, such as no vibration, low noise, completely closed, no dust, stable and reliable operation even if the sticky and wet material, easy maintenance and so on.

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Working process

The equipment drives the reducer by the motor to drive the spiral spindle to rotate, and the material enters the working chamber of the equipment from the bin through the feeding port, and the rotating spiral blade evenly pushes the material to the discharging port and falls into the next level of equipment.

Main advantage

◎ Non-stuck and non-blocked shell optimization design is a streamlined and gradually expanded anti-stuck structure along the output direction of materials to prevent materials from getting stuck between the shell (fixed body) and spiral blade (moving body); the material flow channel (contact surface is equipped with wear-resistant lining plate) is streamlined, and the exit section is gradually enlarged relative to the entrance section to ensure that there is no jam.

The speed of spiral blade can be adjusted by motor frequency conversion to meet the adjustment requirements of response load output and ensure the accuracy of feed flow.

The stable and reliable motor drives the reducer to drive the spiral blade to rotate at a low speed. The feed is continuous and uniform, and the impact on the lower equipment is small. Simple and reliable structure.

◎ It can be used for wet material motor + reducer to drive the spiral blade to rotate and drive the material to move forward continuously with good fluidity; it can run stably and reliably even if the material is wet and sticky.

◎ It can be used for block mineral materials due to the large diameter of spiral blade, large pitch, relatively low speed, streamline design, mechanical and electrical protection devices are set; general conveying material particle size up to 300mm, even if the material with more debris can also be stable and reliable operation.

◎ Effective self-locking spiral structure in standby + reducer with automatic locking function when shutdown, no need to install special valves.

Helical blade adopts matrix + liner structure, easy to replace after wear and small maintenance.

◎ Safety and environmental protection screw anti-jamming feeder is fully closed, no dust overflow during the feeding operation of equipment; driven by motor, the spiral blade rotates evenly to feed, smooth operation, no vibration and no noise, low dynamic load requirements on the basic structure.

Structural composition

◎ The equipment is composed of variable frequency motor, reducer, elastic coupling, split bearing seat, streamlined shell, spiral conveying shaft, support seat and electric control box.

◎ Motor + reducer as the power source, the actual speed can be obtained by frequency conversion; drive spiral blade rotation to achieve continuous and uniform conveying of materials.

◎ The output of the screw anti-jamming feeder can reach 2000t/h, and the rotation speed of the screw blade can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency to meet the actual load needs.

Screw anti-stuck feeder

Screw anti-stuck feeder

Screw anti-stuck feeder

Screw anti-stuck feeder

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