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Rotary bin clogging removal machine (dredge machine)

Scope of application: inverted cone of steel rotary bin

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Structural principle

The rotary silo plugging cleaning machine is divided into three parts, the upper and lower parts are divided into static silo, and the middle part is the rotary plugging cleaning driving part. Its operating principle is: the reducer drives the main drive rotation, the scraper installed on the driven big tooth plate runs synchronously with it, scraping along the warehouse wall, the blocked coal from the coal bucket wall, so that it loses the supporting force point with the attached wall, so as to automatically fall under the action of its own gravity, clean up the blockage, keep the unimpeded coal bucket, fundamentally solve the problem of the original coal bunker blocking coal.

Technical parameter

◎ Installation position: block coal bunker section

◎ Connection form: flange, welding can be

◎ External dimension: The diameter is the user's existing coal bunker, and the height is not more than 2000mm according to the situation of coal plugging on site.

Characteristic performance

◎ Sealing features: automatic compensation type labyrinth seal, divided into upper and lower sealing. Pulverized coal is a poor medium, the general sealing is difficult to achieve, the new material used in this equipment has the advantages of reliable sealing, durable, adjustable.

◎ Structural features: The rotary scraper circularly scraping along the warehouse wall, so that the coal powder attached to the wall is separated from the warehouse wall, so that it loses the force point and falls off. Scraper and drive synchronous, flange connection, easy installation.

◎ Stable and reliable transmission: the mode of motor + reducer drive is adopted. The driving and transmission parts are arranged outside the warehouse wall, which will not hinder the flow of coal in the warehouse, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

◎ High degree of automation: PLC control, can realize the local and remote monitoring, can be set according to user needs manual, timing, automatic and other operation control mode, in addition, with automatic detection and start mode, when the equipment is broken off, to ensure the normal flow of coal.

◎ Long service life of the equipment: the blade of the component is made of alloy steel formed by the whole one-time forging, which has high wear resistance and strength and can effectively prevent the equipment from rust, fracture and wear, and has a long service life.

Scope of application

Inverted cone of steel rotary bin

Scope of application: inverted cone of steel rotary bin

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