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Powder discharge machine

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Powder discharge machine(10~60mm)

How it works: A sloping coal grate above the device blocks debris from passing through. Under the action of negative pressure, sundries are pushed upward along the bevel Angle of the coal grate. When sundries enter the top of the coal grate, they leave the effective area of the air flow, the adsorption force gradually decreases, and sundries fall into the upper chamber automatically, achieving the purpose of separating coal powder from sundries. When the sundries in the upper silo accumulate to a certain amount, flip board II will automatically open, sundries into the lower silo, when the sundries in the lower silo accumulate to a certain amount, open the artificial door to clear sundries. Small coal grates are set up in the upper and lower bins respectively to filter the remaining pulverized coal in the sundries and then return to the powder delivery system.