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Wet material pan type fine screen machine

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Wet material pan type fine screen machine(3-150mm)

Working principle: Loose is the premise of stratification, stratification is the completion of screening conditions, through screening is the purpose of screening; The screen axis rotates in the same direction, the screen pieces are cross arranged, and the motion direction between the adjacent cross screen pieces is opposite; Material flow by the sieve shaft power transmission at the same time is fully agitated, sinusoidal movement along the screen surface, less than the screen gap of the material by gravity, centrifugal force and friction force, is forced to separate the discharge, through the sieve seam to achieve screening. Each screen shaft is provided with a self-cleaning device, which can effectively scrape the attachments and winding objects on the screen shaft and screen piece, and maintain the opening rate of 100%. Open holes are installed on both sides of each box of the disc fine screen machine. If the material is blocked, the signal of the photoelectric switch is blocked by the material beyond the time set by PLC, and the electronic control system sends out the local sound and light alarm.